10 Landscape Photography Vloggers to Follow

10 photography vloggers to follow

In the last six to twelve months I’ve noticed a increase in the number of landscape photography vloggers or youtubers and I don’t know if that’s because I’m looking at it more or if it’s because there just is more. There are definitely a few that really dominate when it comes to subscribers and are […]

Travel Tripods for Landscape Photography

Going away for holidays is fun and as a photographer, it’s even more fun when you know you’re gonna be able to get away and take some fantastic photos. However, it can sometimes be a little bit of a challenge to take all of your equipment with you. As a landscape photographer, I like to […]

What Lens should you get for Landscape Photography?

Lenses for Landscape Photography One of the most common questions I get is ‘What lens should I use for landscape photography?’. In this article I explain what lens I use 90% of the time and why. I’ll also explain the other lenses for landscape photography I use when out in the field. Wide Angle Lens […]

9 Reasons to Upgrade to the Nikon D850

You asked me why I upgraded, so I put together this post to go through the 9 key differences. Nothing too technical, these are all things that make using the Nikon D850 easier. I was thinking about the Fuji GFX medium format camera but then as I went through and worked out exactly what it […]

7 Must Have Tools for Landscape Photography

As a landscape Photographer there are several ‘Must Have’ tools in my books. These tools will increase your success as a landscape photographer and while also making it more enjoyable and  your life easier. Check out the seven tools for landscape photography I consider as the bare minimum required for getting great results. 1. Sturdy Tripod […]

Sunset Shoot at Busselton Jetty

Busselton Jetty Sunset

It is no secret that I have a jetty addiction, and I was super excited when I knew I was heading to WA. Straight away Busselton Jetty went onto my ‘Must Shoot’ list. Watch the video as I take you through my settings, composition and thinking behind taking this image.  

This weeks VLOG  – Sunrise at Taroon Beach in Tasmania with the XT1

Join me this week as I struggle to find a composition I am happy with, not because there was nothing to shoot, but because there was too much choice! I also stack up 3 filters on my 10-24mm Fuji lens using the Lee Seven5 filter kit, overall, I was disappointed with the sunrise, but managed […]

Pixel Chatter Image Critique Session

Live Saturdays 8:30am Sydney Local time! That’s friday afternoon for most of the USA and Friday nights for the UK. It’s hard to find a time zone that works for everyone, hopefully you can make it to the live session! If not, YouTUBE records it and makes it available as a replay after the live […]