Nikon Announce the D3200

After mother nature gave Japan a belting, Nikon was laying low for a while there… now all of a sudden they have hit the market harder than an angry ninja with a bunch of new gear! the D800, the D800E, the D4 and now the D3200!… the D3200 on paper is an amazing camera for an industry lightweight, and if you’re in the market for an ‘everyday’ DSLR that can take HD video and has 24.2 friggin million pixels… I would suggest taking a look at the D3200… you can even get an adapter that will wirelessly transfer pics as you take them to your smartphone allowing you to upload DSLR pics straight to the web and your favourite social networking sites, the D3100 was hailed as one of the best, and now they have made it even better!

If you want to read more about the Nikon D3200 you can here on the Nikon Website

The Daily Pic – Under the Bridge

Some location just are perfect for HDR… under a bridge is one of those ‘perfect’ spots due to the large dynamic range of light found there. This is under the Bridge at Bare island in La Perouse, call me strange but there is something that I just love about old timber bridges, and this one has heaps of character and structural lines making it a really interesting photograph… enjoy!

under Bare Island Bridge

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