A Few more thoughts and some pics!

I just love my D800. The camera is insane! Every time I get back from a shoot and load the images onto my iMac I am impressed with the image quality this beast puts out. Someone told me it is not a pro camera, but I can tell you I have put mine through it’s paces and it has not missed a beat… of course, I am sure the D600 would be fine too… you can check out my updated D800 page HERE

Todays iCandy

I spent an afternoon photographing a location that I wasn’t supposed to be in, I think they call it breaking in, then I was taking photographs of what I wasn’t supposed to see, I think they call it trespassing, and now I am going to process these said photos and share them with you… but I think it was worth it… I can honestly say I felt nervous going into this abandoned building, for two reasons… firstly, I thought “what if I am caught trespassing”, then I thought, well what harm am I doing, I am not breaking anything, I am not vandalising anything, just capturing many interesting impressions left on an old building. My second thought “what if there is some freak or freaks in here that will bash me for my camera?”… not a big issue in the end… but a possibility! Of course, this one was taken with my trusty D800!

Spray Can Graffiti

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