How to De-Ghost in Photomatix

One of the challenges with HDR photography is the ghosting that occurs when you merge several bracketed images together that have a moving subject in them.

One way to fix the problem is never try HDR if something is moving, this is not really a great option, as things move all the time. One of the biggest challenges I faced was moving water and trees as I like to shoot a to of landscapes. And this was frustrating for me when I was first learning HDR.

If people are moving through your shot as you’re taking your bracketed exposures for HDR you will definitely get ghosting in Photomatix and you will need to know how to combat this.

I like to use layer masking in Photoshop to sort it out after I am done, but it still pays to know how to use Photomatix to remove the ghosting as sometimes you will need to to it before processing your image. For example, someone walks through your shot from left to right, this will create a ghost across your entire image and you will need to fix this before creating your HDR.

Photomatix does a pretty good job of de-ghosting, but it will degrade the image quality. There are two de-ghosting options in Photomatix. The firs option in Automatic de-ghosting, it isn’t very good and I show you in the video how it works (or should I say doesn’t work) and the second option in de-ghosting by manual selection, and this works well.

In the video I show you the exact steps to take to de-ghost, I also show you a couple of common mistakes (by making them myself) and you’ll see how much the image quality is degraded in the de-ghosted areas.

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