The Landscape Photographers Secret

Have you ever shot a sunset only to be totally dissapointed in the results? yup… most of us have… you see, your camera is only able to capture a certain amount of ‘dynamic range’, let’s say we need to achieve 100% dynamic coverage, your camera may only be able to capture 1/5th (20%) of this, so you have to make a compromise… maybe you will expose the sunset properly and have everything else as a silhouette, or if you want to have the foreground exposed properly, then the sunset will be washed out. Although it can be frustrating, there are a couple of solutions… the easiest in a lot of situations, especially for portraits in front of the setting sun, is the use of Fill Flash. Most cameras will have a setting for fill flash, and will meter everything well enough to give you an acceptable result. There are cases when fill flash just wont cut it, and this is where I turn to HDR (High Dynamic Range) or the use of Neutral Density Graduated Filters.

If you want to learn more about creating a HDR image, you can by checking out my earlier blog entry HERE

The Daily Pic – The Spa

As the waves rolled into this rocky channel the water bubbled and looked like a Spa Bath, I am sure it wasn’t as warm or comfortable as a real spa so I didn’t bother getting in… I have used a Lee 0.9 ND Graduated Filter and this is one single exposure with hardly any post processing, in fact, as you watch the video I will show you the photo’s as I preview them and you will see how well using a ND Grad filter helps me to capture the dynamic range of the sunrise. In the case of a flat horizon, I prefer this method over HDR.

[vimeo w=500&h=281]

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