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There is plenty of cool software and plugins out there, so many that you would need to stop feeding your children if you were going to buy them all… I was asked the question, “If you could only have one plugin for photoshop, what would it be?” – and this is a tough question, I have so many that I love… but in the end I decided on Topaz Adjust… I wrote an article on HDR One explaining exactly why I love this plugin so much and I even show you how I use it! CLICK HERE to go to the HDR One magazine and have a little peeky boo at the article!

If you want to get Topaz CLICK HERE and you will be re-directed to their site… use the code ‘on3legs’ for a 15% saving… enjoy!

Today’s iCandy – Sydney Opera House

This is the image I ended up with after I used Topaz Adjust… if you want to see how I did it, then you better click on the link above to the HDR One magazine and check it out!

Sydney Opera House

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