Vivid Sydney 2015 is nearly HERE!

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VividxLast year, I ran several workshops and they were sold out really quickly, so this year I am letting you know early!
During this workshop I am going to help you get the most out of your camera in the challenging conditions of the Vivid Sydney festival. Come and spend 3 hours with me and a small group of participants (I am capping this at just 6 people so you get plenty of one on one help from me). Together we’ll capture Vivid Sydney 2014 and you’ll learn how to take your photography to the next level!

During this 3 hour workshop I will show you how to go from taking average everday snapshots to something much more exciting. We’ll get your camera OFF Auto and into a manual mode allowing you full control! (don’t worry, I will be there to help you step by step)

Stop being frustrated, or even worse, DISSAPOINTED with your photos and learn the simple tricks and techniques to taking photos at night so you can make the best of the Vivid Sydney Festival. I am going to show you a couple of simple tricks to get tack sharp images at night!

This is only available to the first 6 people for each date (no exceptions). I really want to make sure you get great value and get plenty of one on one time with me! So book now or you may miss out…

What to bring:

When and Where

We’ll meet at 7pm on Hickson Rd under the Harbour Bridge and finish around 10pm and will go ahead even if it’s raining (the reflections are AWESOME when it rains).

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