Vivid Sydney Photowalk this Saturday!

Just a reminder if you haven’t already registered for this Saturdays Vivid Sydney PhotoWALK then you should now! Why… well, it is free and also a lot of FUN! So far we have about 50 people registered. Remember, you do not need to be a guru photographer to come to the photowalk, even if you want to use your smart phone you can, of course, if you have a camera and a tripod you will get better results so I suggest bring them along too! Also, if you have no clue how to use your camera… that’s cool too! We will do our best to help you get it set up and get some keepers from the night… cool!

CLICK HERE to find out more and to Register for the walk.

Today’s iCandy – Glacier View

There is a Large rock at Dove Lake called Glacier Rock. It’s interesting in this day and age as we’re all so safety conscious and I think most councils and govt. authorities want to minimise the risk of litigation by not allowing you to be in risky situations. However, Glacier Rock goes against all of that! It is high and unfenced, and if you fell, it’s going to hurt! They do have a gate you must get past to reach the rock, but that is it! Glacier Rock was carried to it’s resting spot by a Glacier and now makes an excellent lookout!

Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake Tasmania

The Technical Mumbo Jumbo

This is HDR, Processed in Photomatix, then cleaned up in Photoshop using layer masks, check out my free HDR tutorial if you want to learn how to do it too!

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