Photography is my TV

It is interesting to see how many comments I have had of late, especially on facebook regarding how much time I spend taking and processing photo’s. I think that the general consensus is it must take up a big part of my day. In reality, I would spend less time on my photography than most people would watching TV. I remember when I bought my Harley motorbike the marketing department followed me up and did a survey, and they asked questions like “How many hours a week do you spend watching TV?” and “How many hours is free to air v’s Cable”. It got me thinking about how many hours I had spent just staring at the TV when I am sure I probably would be guilty of saying “life is so busy I don’t have time to <insert your hobby here>”. So, whilst you’re all watching your favourite TV show, I am busy doing what I love… creating images and learning how to create better pics! My next secret is I only post a pic a day, sometimes I have taken that pic weeks or months earlier. This blog post is normally written in advance and scheduled, so I can give it a break for a week and you would never know! Hopefully you enjoy the effort I put into creating the photographic art I post on a daily basis. So if you have a hobby you ‘can’t find time for’ have a look at how much time you spend in front of the TV… you may be surprised!

the daily pic – Vivid Sydney Time Lapse

To be honest, I had never been excited about time lapse photography, after all, you cannot print it and hang it on a wall can you? It was just after dinner one night and the weather was fine so I decided to head into Vivid to see what else I can capture… I set up my tripod and camera with a 70-200mm lens and started to take some pics. I could hear a constant click, click, click, click… from the guy standing next to me, and as I do I had to introduce myself and ask what he was up to.  His name is Peter, a sports photographer by day. He was shooting ‘time lapse’, and when I watched his time lapse play back I knew this was the best way to capture the moving art on the Sydney Opera House, I am thinking about heading back to get the the other light shows with time lapse too… below is my first Time Lapse creation… I had a lot of fun making it, enjoy!

[vimeo w=500&h=281]


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