Tranquility in the Blue Mountains

Yesterday I headed to the Blue Mountains with a friend to tackle the Wentworth Pass Track. After heading down from the Wentworth falls picnic area, it is a quick decent into the valley, this track is rated as hard, and whilst I would say it was difficult in some spots, I didn’t find it too hard… I think it is rated as hard because there are some sections that we had to use ladders, and there were definitely parts of the track that were a little tricky, I wouldn’t walk this track with children. After about one hour or so of hiking we were rewarded with a magnificent waterfall and lagoon as our first rest spot and photo opportunity. There is something about a waterfall that makes it special…

The main reason I took this particular track is for the waterfalls, the Wentworth Pass track takes you through the ‘Valley of Waters’ and as the name suggests… there is plenty of water! There has been very little rain in the past couple of weeks, and I think if there was more rain, we might have seen a few more waterfalls…

I packed my D800 and to keep it light decided to take just one lens, I decided on my Nikon 16-35mm f4 VR, my main reason for choosing this lens is that it takes a 77mm screw in filter. I have a ND400 by Hoya, it reduces the amount of light by 8 stops and it allows me to keep the shutter open for longer giving my shots that silky smooth water effect. As for a tripod, my TVC-33 is just too big to carry through the bush for hours on end, so I decided to pack my Benro Travel Angel. The Benro is a really light and compact carbon fibre tripod, I have taken it on several trips now and really like it.

Although I packed the ND filter, It was dark enough in most of the locations that I could shoot at ISO100, f22 for 3 to 5 seconds without the filter, as the water was moving so quickly this was enough to give me the effect I was after. I did use the ND filter, but in some of my shots I was getting a magenta colour cast in parts of the image so I need to work out why… maybe 16mm is too wide for it?

The Daily Pic – Tranquility

To get to this spot wasn’t easy, we had to traverse over some very slippery and mossy rocks, and my friend that was with me ended up with a hiking boot full of water, and my cargo pants were pretty dirty after having to slide down a rock on my side… but, this shot was worth it!

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