It’s all in a PhotoWALK!

The most common question I get about my PhotoWALKS is “How much is it to attend?”… the good news… they’re FREE… my PhotoWALKS will always be free… why? I like running them, it’s a great way to make new friends and learn cool stuff! The people that come on my PhotoWALKS are a friendly bunch and I genuinely enjoy the company!

Last Saturday morning was the Google Plus 2nd Anniversary PhotoWALK. There were 160 PhotoWALKERS registered. When I woke up at 4am, I looked at the rain radar only to see heavy, and I mean HEAVY showers across Sydney and wondered if anyone besides me and my co-host Rob would be crazy enough to head out in this stuff!

I was surprised to see nearly 50 walkers turn up for what was a very unlikely sunrise… and that’s what I love about these events. Rain, Hail or Shine… the common bond is there and the love of photography will beat any weather!


Today’s iCandy – Undercover

Here’s my favourite from the G+ PhotoWALK. I didn’t take many photo’s, I spent too much time chatting I think. I was hanging out in this stone structure trying to stay as dry as possible.


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