An update on the Auckland Photowalk

For my first ‘International’ photowalk I was really pleased to see a group of vibrant photographers turn up to meet me. There is always a chance I will just end up photowalking on my own I guess. What was really nice was to meet a couple of photographers I had been chatting with on Facebook over recent weeks, Ian Rushton and Emma Grant are fairly Active on my facebook page so it was great to catch up and shoot Auckland together.

The weather was perfect, the sunset had a lovely glow and their was a lot of helping each other out to make sure everyone had their setting right and were enjoying themselves. These photowalks are always fun… Auckland… I will be back! Now I am packing my bags to grab a flight to Queenstown… a photographers playground.

Auckland Photowalk

Today’s iCandy – What are the Odds?

Here’s one from the Auckland Photowalk last night. The viaduct area has been scattered with all these big concrete blocks and other cool things… it really makes it an interesting place to take the camera and wander around. These 3 old silos caught my attention and could only just fit them in, If I stepped back one step I would have got a little wet….

What are the odds

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