On3legs | What lens should I get next?
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What lens should I get next?

One of the most common questions I get…

As an enthusiastic photographer I get asked a lot of questions by a lot of people about all things photography! However, the most common questions I get are about what gear to buy. In particular there is a fair bit of confusion when choosing what lens(es) to buy. I decided it warranted it’s very own page so you can read about it HERE, I also go through the lenses in my kit and explain what I use each lens for and what I like and don’t like about each lens. Hopefully it will help you make a better decision when buying your next lens.

The Daily Pic – The Water Cube and Birds Nest

On my recent trip to China I spent most of my time in Beijing. I visited the Birds Nest a day earlier and rode a Segway around the running track inside the Olympic Stadium. This was one of the best vantage spots to be able to capture the two sights in one shot, I took it from the Bar in the 7 star ‘Pangu’ hotel building accross the road…

Beijing Olympic Stadium

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