Ordering Prints

Just a reminder that if you like any of my images, you can order them. To order a print simply click on the image in this blog and it will take you to an ordering page. If you want an easy link to check out my complete portfolio of images HERE IT IS

You can also download digital versions of each image and these are free (and popular!)… just make sure you’re not using them for commercial purposed and you’re good to go!

The Daily Pic – Whitewash

To be on location for a sunrise shoot I am up at 5am and usually drive for an hour to get there so I have no idea of what the weather will have in store for me… will it be overcast?, foggy? or just perfect! This particular morning was one of those ‘cloudy’ mornings that requires patience and perseverance to get the right shot (okay… and a lot of luck for a break in the weather), I was lucky the clouds parted to allow the colours of the sun to peek through… enjoy!


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