Is there ever a bad time for photography?

I was at Sydney Harbour, all set up by the waters edge. I have this plan of shooting a beautiful sunrise with the Opera House in the foreground. I have a few images on my hard drive that I am happy(ish) with, but nothing that has really nailed it the way I am hoping for. Anyway… I digress a little, it was stormy, windy and obviously not going to be the stellar sunrise I was after, but I still managed to grab a few shots I am really happy with. The reason I bring this up, is that very same morning I met another photographer by the waters edge. He started to chat to me, he had basically given up on the morning shoot as it hadn’t delivered the colours us photographers love… regardless of this, I figure I have made the effort to get out of bed early so I may as well click away! Is there ever a bad time for photography? I don’t think so…

Today’s iCandy – The Wind in Her Sails

I am not sure why it is the norm to refer to things like the Opera House as a ‘HER’… I don’t even know if this is an Australian thing, or this happens world wide. I wonder what makes a building a ‘him’ or a ‘her’? Anyway… It was a windy morning and I decided to play around with some slower shutter speeds. This is a single exposure processed in Lightroom.

The Wind in Her Sails

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