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Write for on3legs


Become an on3legs contributor

If you’re a photographer, or have something related to photography that you would like to share with the on3legs community, then I would love to feature your article right here on the blog!

Do you want to showcase some of your greatest work or have a desire to help thousands of other photographers learn?

Maybe you have a review of photography gear or software you want to share…

Here’s what we’re looking for;

  • Tips and Tutorials for all levels of photography, of any subject related to photography including post processing.
  • Reviews of Camera, Lens,Photography Software and Photography Gear.
  • I’d love at least one photo that helps tell the story or is an example that will accompany your article (can be a stock image), happy to help you with this if needed.
  • Your article must be at least 300 words in length (this page is just over 300 words) and be completely original content that has not, and will not be re-used anywhere else online.
  • If appropriate, I can give you a set of questions for you to answer in an interview style and this can be your article.
  • You must be okay with letting me (on3legs.com) use your article indefinitely, in return I give you a byline with a link back to your website, flickr, Facebook page, blog or whatever you like really. I have thousands of visitors every month that would love to get to know you.
  • If you’re keen to write something and struggling for ideas, CONTACT ME and I will help you out.

How to submit your tips, tutorials and articles

Use the contact form below to tell me about your idea BEFORE you write it. I can then discuss the idea with you and decide whether or not it will be suitable for the blog.

I will then provide you with an email address to email me your article directly.

If you already have an article, you can send that to me for review, I cannot guarantee I will publish every article sent to me as I want to make sure the content I publish is relevant and of a high standard. Please contact me using the below form if you want to discuss your idea and have me take a look at your article first.

Cheers, Ben.