Topaz B&W Effects 2 released

Topaz Labs make all sorts of cool software for making your images stand out from the crowd. They have just released their new B&W Effects 2, normally $59.95, save 30% with code: BWFX2 valid until 28th February 2012 – Click Here to go to the Topaz Website

I recently had the pleasure of playing with a beta version and was impressed with the results. There are over 200 separate one click effects within 8 different collections. You can also selectively enhance parts of your image with the local adjustments tool within B&W Effects 2.

If you already have B&W Effects 1, then you can upgrade for free!

[call_to_action url=”” size=”middle” button_text=”Buy Now and SAVE 30%”]Save 30% when you use Code: BWFX2[/call_to_action]

Here is a video from Topaz Labs showing you B&W Effects 2

[framed_video column=”full-width”][/framed_video]

Today’s iCandy – Rangitoto Island

This island you see in the distance is just off the coast of New Zealand. It’s an inactive Volcano and where I was standing to take the shot was Lava Rock. as I stood there I tried to imagine what it would be like if the volcano was erupting. I have never seen an erupting volcano… another one for the bucket list! Anyway, for my short stay in NZ this was the only sunrise I had the chance to shoot… it was from Takapuna Beach.

Rangitoto Island

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  1. Hi Ben,

    This is a stunning photo of Rangitoto and I was wondering if you would be happy to allow us to use the image for marketing purposes. Please get in touch.



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