Lucky Camera Straps

If you’re looking for a custom camera strap, it’s your lucky day!

Lucky Camera StrapsFor those of you that have been following my journey for a little while now, you will know I am a big fan of the BlackRapid camera Strap, why?, it is the only camera strap I have found that allows me to carry my heavy DSLR around all day in comfort.

I am a sucker for gadgets, gizmos and anything to customise my gear. I first spotted a Lucky Camera Strap in person when a friend of mine, Lina Hayes from Lina Hayes Photography rocked up to Vivid Sydney with this cool looking strap, not only was it cool, it was custom too!

Lina proudly showed me how her name had been embossed into the leather, and it was at this particular point I started to think I needed (wanted) one of these straps ;-)

As luck would have it, Justin from Lucky Straps has been following my journey for some time and asked me if I would like one of his straps to review, and of course, I said YES!

As soon as it arrived and I opened the packaging the aroma of real leather had me excited, I opened the box and I was impressed right off the blocks with the quality of this strap. You can tell that care has been taken as this strap was handcrafted. Justin had it embossed with ON3LEGS for me, this looks great and I think this is a big attraction to owning a Lucky Camera Strap.

Lucky Camera Strap ReviewMy thoughts on Lucky Camera Straps

Firstly, It is 100% Australian Made, it’s great to support a locally made product.

Looking on the Lucky Camera Straps website you will see there are heaps of options for colours and personalisation allowing you to really come up with something that fits you and your personality.

On the box it says that the strap is 100% leather, although, at each end of the strap is nylon strapping/webbing allowing you to connect it to your camera so technically, it’s not 100% leather, but close enough.

The leather is of a high quality and I am really impressed with the stitching. My strap is the Classic Brown/Tan and the stitching is a contrast colour, somehow, and I am not sure how, the colour of the stitching is different on each side to keep the contrast colour consistent all over the strap and it looks great. Very Impressive.

The strap is 50cm wide giving you plenty of support when wearing your camera using this strap. It doesn’t fix the old age problem that having a 3 or 4kg camera hanging from your neck is not comfortable at all. I would guess that this strap will get more comfortable over time as the leather wears in and is more comfortable than the one that came with your camera right from the box.

One of the unexpected benefits of this strap was how ‘grippy’ the leather is on my shoulder, whilst I wouldn’t wear it around my neck, it is very comfortable over my shoulder and did not move around very much, making this my preferred way to use this strap.

My only suggestion to any manufacturer of camera straps, make the strap easy to take on and off the camera, as I like to remove my strap from the camera body when using a tripod, particularly if it is breezy, leaving the strap on in these conditions almost certainly affects how sharp my images are.

Personalised Camera StrapWill it replace my BlackRapid Strap?

To be completely honest, I hardly use a strap. The BlackRapid Strap is a very different product. It is black and boring, yet more functional and more comfortable than a Lucky Camera Strap. Having said that, women have been wearing high heels for decades although they’re not comfortable. We know that even though comfort is important, it is not the only consideration, especially when it comes to fashion.

The strap I have been using the most is a Gariz Leather strap on my Fuji X-T1, it works in a similar way to the BlackRapid strap and I am pretty happy with it. I will write a review up on this strap soon too!

I have decided that I am going to leave the Lucky Camera Strap on my Nikon D800 for now, and I will update this in a few months with my final verdict. It will be a great way to give a more long term test to the strap as I am interested to see how the embossing and the strap performs over time. I am predicting that the burden of having to leave the strap on all the time may annoy me to the point I take it off. I will keep you updated.

Final thoughts on the Lucky Camera Strap

The Lucky Camera Strap is part fashion statement and part strap! A great way to show your personality and make your camera gear a little bit fashionable. As far as neck straps go, you would be hard pressed finding a better one! If you’re looking for an alternative to the strap that was supplied with your camera, this is a great solution. It would also make a great present for the photographer in your life.

Leather Camera Strap

If you have a Lucky Camera Strap I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, please leave them below.





Aerial Photography with the Blade 350QX

A birds eye view

I have shared a few shots now that I have taken with my Quadcopter, and it has got a fair bit of attention. These photos are different, and I notice as soon as I post a photo that is different, it gets people talking.

The Quadcopter I have is the Blade 350qx, a fairly affordable unit that you will find at your local hobby store for around $500 including the remote and a battery, you will have to buy yourself a GoPro too if you don’t already have one, the Blade 350qx comes with a mount made for the GoPro 3.

Even if you have never flown anything remote before, the Blade 350qx comes with a smart mode that is foolproof and gets you in the air pretty quick, but to take advantage of this machine, learning to fly it properly is your best bet.

I am still learning what works and what doesn’t as this is a new style of photography for me, and will continue to pursue it. I have the added benefit that I have a commercial pilots licence which will make getting my official approval to fly the quadcopter fairly simple.

350qx DCIM100GOPRO


Mrs Macquaries Chair PhotoWALK

Another Success with The PhotoWALK Guys

Saturday afternoon myself and Rob Potter hosted another photo walk, this time it was back in Sydney at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. One of THE best locations for shooting the city skyline.

We had a good size turnout plus Rob Potter and Rob Lam kicked off the post walk entertainment with some Balls of light with Alex Taylor giving us an encore of steel wool spinning!

Everyone had a great time! The PhotoWALK Guys will be hosting another soon.




The Fuji X-T1 continues to impress

A little Vivid Laser Show

During the final weekend of Vivid I stayed in Sydney at the Shag-ri La with my wife and a couple of close friends, we decided to head out for a look at Vivid and rather than lug my D800 and tripod around with me, I decided to grab the Fuji X-T1 and just shoot hand held.

In Martin Place there was this laser show, it was kind of cool… so I decided to try and get a shot of it.

This camera is amazingly good. This is shot at ISO800 with my 35mm f1.4 lens (at 1.4) 1/13th of a second – I also must have a steady hand, but this is besides the point. How good is it to be able to get shots like this hand held… well done Fuji!


Get control of your DSLR

Take YOUR photography to the next level!

Redline OperaAre you tired of not being able to get ‘that shot’? Stop being frustrated, or even worse, DISSAPOINTED with your photos and learn the simple tricks and techniques that will help you take photos you’re proud of.

Come and spend 3 hours with me and a small group of participants (I am capping this at just 8 people so you get plenty of one on one help from me). Together we’ll capture Sydney at sunset and you’ll learn how to take your photography to the next level!

During this 3 hour workshop I will show you how to go from taking average everday snapshots to something much more exciting. We’ll get your camera OFF Auto and into a manual mode allowing you full control! (don’t worry, I will be there to help you step by step)

PLUS… I am going to show you a couple of simple tricks to get tack sharp images at night!

This is only available to the first 8 people (no exceptions). I really want to make sure you get great value and get plenty of one on one time with me! So book now or you may miss out…

This event is on Saturday 5th July, we’ll meet at 3:30pm at Observatory Hill and finish around 6:30pm somewhere near the overseas passenger terminal at Circular Quay

CLICK HERE for more info and to secure your spot.



Cahill Lights

An image from the Shangri La (and a how to video)

I took this during my stay at the Shangri La in Sydney. This is one image with the Nikon D800, 36mp is real handy when you want to create a panoramic photo from just one image.

I decided to make a quick video (and when I say quick, it was real quick) of how I used lightroom to enhance the RAW file just so you can see how simple it can be. This took about 3 mins to process!



And here’s the video of me processing this image

All I used to process this image is lightroom. It is an amazing piece of software.

How to start your own Photography Website

Start a Blog or Website

Many of you have asked me about starting a website or blog just like this one. It really is not that hard so I decided to show you how.

Most websites these days are built on wordpress or some platform that makes it really easy to start your website and then customise it so it reflects you.

I did a video that takes you step by step through the process, I had a new website up and running in around 10 minutes then in around another 10 minutes I had customised it with a custom theme.

so in just 20 Minutes I had a custom website up and running!

rather than just do a blog post about it I decided to make a whole page dedicated to it.

CLICK HERE to go to the page now.

A Night at the Shangri La

Dreaming of a higher floor

I spent the weekend in the city, and decided to stay overnight at the Shangri La, I had seen so many great photo’s form there that I decided I wanted to try and get my own ‘Shangri La’ shots… I had been looking forward to it with excitement, I even went to the extra expense of upgrading to a Deluxe Harbour View room!

It was super busy in the hotel lobby, Vivid Sydney was on for the final weekend and the city was jam packed. We had a little trouble getting checked in as our room wasn’t ready, and when I finally got my room key it didn’t even register that I was only on the 9th floor until I got into the room and looked out the window!

Don’t get me wrong, the view was spectacular, but I had hoped for a higher floor… I rang the reception to see if I could get moved to a higher level, they said they would ring me back…. I am still waiting for that call.

Knowing that sunset was fast approaching, I just decided to set up my gear and get some shots, and I did, in fact, I got a lot I was really happy with! I then headed out into the city with some friends to check out vivid without all my heavy camera gear.

When I got back to the hotel, I headed up to Level 36, that have a bar and restaurant up there, and of course, a magnificent view. This shot was taken on my Fuji X-T1 hand held from the restaurant, and is the kind of view I had hoped for from my room.

Anyway, a tip for you. If you’re going to stay at the Shangri La in Sydney with the sole purpose of shooting Sydney Harbour and you want to be guaranteed a high floor, ask for a Horizon Harbour View room, they’re level 30 and above, so next time I stay there, that is what I will ask for!

Level 36 of the Shangri La

Vividly Crowded

It was PACKED!

It was a busy night in Sydney last night for the Vivid festival. I was walking down George Street to check out martin place, and a few other people were too…


VIVID Sydney 2014

Into the VIVID Spirit…

It seems every year this guy finds himself a nice comfy spot and busks during Vivid Sydney. This year though, was the first time I had seen him pimp up his flute! He was happy for me to take a photo after I had dropped a gold coin into his hat… I still have a couple of tickets for tonights Vivid Workshop – it’s my final VIVID workshop for 2014 – Click on this link for more info