Aerial Photography with the Blade 350QX


A birds eye view

I have shared a few shots now that I have taken with my Quadcopter, and it has got a fair bit of attention. These photos are different, and I notice as soon as I post a photo that is different, it gets people talking.

The Quadcopter I have is the Blade 350qx, a fairly affordable unit that you will find at your local hobby store for around $500 including the remote and a battery, you will have to buy yourself a GoPro too if you don’t already have one, the Blade 350qx comes with a mount made for the GoPro 3.

Even if you have never flown anything remote before, the Blade 350qx comes with a smart mode that is foolproof and gets you in the air pretty quick, but to take advantage of this machine, learning to fly it properly is your best bet.

I am still learning what works and what doesn’t as this is a new style of photography for me, and will continue to pursue it. I have the added benefit that I have a commercial pilots licence which will make getting my official approval to fly the quadcopter fairly simple.

350qx DCIM100GOPRO


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  1. Hey Ben! I saw this picture of a drone (the Blade 350qx) and the structure of this drone is nice and neat. I also some aerial photo taken by using your drone and this tells me that it has a great stability. The photo is amazing and im amazed by the drone you used. By the way, would you mind to tell me about your drones’ specification? Thanks a lot. God bless you.

    Fervil – Precision Hawk

    • Hi Fervil. Thanks for your message. what specifications are you after? I use a Go Pro on the Quadcopter and have it set to take a photo every 5 seconds.

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