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Cockatoo Island PhotoWALK

The PhotoWALK Guys

We were blessed with fantastic weather and a fantastic turnout! After scheduling the date for this PhotoWALK Rob and myself soon realised we had made a mistake and chosen Easter Saturday! Worried about a low turnout we pondered changing the date but in the end just decided to go with it, and we’re glad we did!

The PhotoWALK Guys

We had 127 people register for the event and 80+ photographers attended. The weather on Cockatoo Island was magnificent! We could have done with a few more fluffy clouds in the sky for sunset, but that’s just being picky!

For this walk I decided all I was going to use was the FujiFILM X-T1, so far, I have been SUPER impressed and once again, it didn’t disappoint. Most of my shots were hand held and at ISO’s as high as 6400, and whilst a little noise is evident, it is completely acceptable in my books! I took my 35mm f1.4 and a 14mm f2.8, 90% of my shots were using the 35mm and in hindsight, wish that was all I took. I also had a goriilapod and my Lee Filter Kit, but didn’t use them.

Here’s a few of my shots from the walk, make sure you head over to The PhotoWALK Guys Facebook Page to check out all the photo’s and LIKE our page!

Ready to Land

Fire_Hose_19 on_and_off in_and_out

My Nikon Life

Hazard Aurora Wins!

I entered my Aurora Australis shot taken in March to the ‘My Nikon Life’ monthly photo comp, the theme of the comp was night and stars, and the Aurora shot for me was an easy choice when it came to deciding what to submit.

The image is featured at the top of their facebook page (Timeline Cover) with this image.

My Nikon Life Cover

Today’s iCandy – The Lonely Lathe

Today’s iCandy is a little different, as a rule, I don’t re-process a photo. I took this one in March 2012 with my D700, I was on the Google+ Photo walk in Sydney and would have never gone to Cockatoo Island if it wasn’t for this walk. As I walked around there was all kinds of old machines just left behind, this lathe was being bathed in sunlight as it streamed through the window.

So why did I decide to re-process this photo? Good Question…. I am currently adding more videos to my HDR Plus video tutorial series… I have had over 100 people download them so far and the feedback is really positive. The main feedback I received was that you wanted more! They started out as a simple 87 minutes giving you the basics of creating your HDR, by the end of this week it will be over 3 hours of video tutorial and it includes everything from creating your HDR to full on post processing, The Lonely Lathe video alone is an hour and I spend a lot of time showing you different tricks and techniques for really making your images pop!

Don’t panic… if you are one of the 100 plus people that have already bought the video series, you will be sent a link to download the new stuff for free!  With the HDR Plus videos I will always do this, no matter what… so if you want to buy it, you’ll get all the updates and new vids for free as I make them. Click Here to check out more info on the HDR Plus Video Tutorials

The Lonely Lathe HDR Tutorial


My 2012 Photojourney

Here is a selection of my Photojourney for 2012. It was a year of learning, up until this year I never had worked out what kind of photography I loved, I now have discovered Landscape and what I call HDR Plus – The music is from around 1995 when I was in a band called ‘Sagacity’, I wrote the music and played guitar on the track, My cousin Darrin wrote and sang lyrics, his brother Matt played Bass and and another cousin, Brad played drums… a bit of a family affair! It was a lot of fun so I thought I would share it along with my photojourney for 2012… enjoy!

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/56238857 w=700&h=393]

Building Art

Choosing the Right Lens

One of the questions I get asked a lot is what lens is best? And there is no easy answer. First of all, it depends on what you intend to photograph. Understanding the basics will help you choose the best lens for you. Lenses come in all shapes and sizes and can be for a very specific purpose or a good all rounder. For general purpose use, the ‘kit lens’ that comes with most camera’s will do the trick.

So what do the numbers on a lens mean.

Focal Length – Focal length will be depicted in mm, so for example, your lens may be an 18-55mm, or a 70-200mm if it is a zoom lens, a prime lens is a fixed focal length so you may see just one number like 50mm on your lens. The smaller the number the wider the FOV (field of view) will be. So a 20mm lens will be very wide, and would be ideal for say landscape shots, on the other hand, a 200mm lens is a telephoto lens and would be typically used when you cant get close to your subject, good for taking photo’s of animals with big teeth! Ideally, you want your lens collection to cover from wide to telephoto, there are alot of single zoom lenses that do this very well. Nikon for example have an 18 – 200mm VR lens that will suit most general purpose uses.

f-number – This is the other number you will find on a lens, and the f-number will tell you what the maximum, and minimum aperture of the lens is. You will find the lower the f-number on a lens the ‘faster’ it is said to be, and usually, it will be a more expensive lens due to the costs of the optics and design to make it a ‘faster’ lens, the same is true if the lens has a constant maximum aperture. Usually a zoom lens with a constant maximum aperture will increase in diameter closer to the face of the lens and this makes them heavier, so unless you’re a pro or very keen hobbyist, then you won’t need one of these more expensive heavy lenses.

In summary, a lens that is light and flexible will mean you will get the camera out more often, to me, this is the right lens. When I want to take my camera out just ‘in case’ I see something to shoot, I go with my 50mm f1.4 lens as it is light! If I was to attach any of my other lenses it is too heavy to just carry around ‘in case’ I find something interesting to photograph… Hopefully that helps you work out what lens is right for you.

The Daily Pic – Building Art

This was a pic I took back on the google+ walk in March. I found this mural on the side of a building on cockatoo island very engaging, I thought it was clever the way the artist had been able to create such eye contact… enjoy!

Building Art on Cockatoo Island

Tunnel Vision

D800 or not?? that is the question

Sometimes I think I suffer from tunnel vision! Nikon have this new amazing camera, the D800, and I want one… I don’t need one… I just want one! My left brain says… “just wait, they’re in high demand right now and you will pay a premium to get one… in 6 to 12 months they will be $500 less as the shops will have stock sitting on the shelves…” the right brain says “just order one… go on!.. think of all those mega pixels.. you will love it.. go on, order one, I dare you!”  I think I will wait… but I want to make it clear, that I have a right to change my mind!

The Daily Pic -Tunnel Vision

This is the ‘dog leg tunnel’ on cockatoo island here in Sydney. It was used by workers on the island to move stuff from one side of the island to the other, as the island has a big hill on it. I have given this one the Black and White treatment for something different.

Dog Leg tunnel